As we lay our heads on the cool sandy white beach,

gazing at the countless beauty up above,

And adoring at the magnificence beside each other,

I remember that day.

That day that your caring gaze,

took me up,

dusted me off,

patched my broken heart and told me to move on.

That week when your soothing words got me out of my cocoon.

That month that your delirious laughter made me laugh sheepishly,

that gorgeous smile that made my knees weak,

That slow touch that brought shivers to my neck.

That year, that beautiful year that we fell in love.

The reason you are beside me.

Love as strong as a diamond

And as deep as the ocean,

our unending bond.

Care as true as the Saharan sands.

Joy as sweet as the coastal mangoes.

Peace as calming as the trickling rain.

That’s all I find in you, my everything.


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