It’s You Part 1

It feels like yesterday, when I reminisce back to that scene.

Exactly at nine fifteen

In between the pouring rain 

And seeps of heartwarming caffeine

Something tugged at my spleen

My attention now so keen

Had me lifting my head and my gaze bumped into a heavenly figurine.

In a state of haywire my mind dipped as I starred into the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen.

My heart jolted for a dose of epinephrine

As it stopped to wander through your windscreen.

Then and there I knew I had found my queen.
Mon cherí, I’ll keep reminding you you are so damn fine.

Your lips taste sweet as wine

And when your skin touches mine

While our hands intertwine

Chills roll down spine.

I know, I know for sure I need no morphine

To rocket me to cloud nine

For your love so divine 

Was molded for that purpose by design.
Your love flowing through my vein So pure and true is the cause of the frenzy in brain, 

My kinda David to whom my demons it slain

And had this pumping vessel between my ribs cleansed all the specks of anger and bitterness’ stain.

Finally I understand the point of my past heartaches and pain.

For you I would go through that again.

Lord, let this love reign!
Truth be told

Whether its hot, lukewarm or cold,

You are the only art I want to hold,

So bold!

If my heart, my mind, my body and soul were to be sold

I would pray fervently for your soul that makes me feel like gold

To be the one to fall in love with me again in memory of our passionate union and be cajoled

Into having me back in your household.

It seems you are just my perfect mould.

You are my rock, my motivation, my stronghold.

God bless this love affair a hundredfold!
They have you in their minds stuck like glue

But I have you not only on my skin but also in my heart like a priceless indelible tattoo.

Whether the roses are red or the violets remain blue

I will still be wooing you

And to you I will remain true

You are my one and only boo

I love you too.


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