Its You Two

​As I lay serenely in your warm embrace

Like a perfectly finished jigsaw puzzle

Your body fitting perfectly into mine

My eyes open to see you and close to picture you. 

You whisper to my ears that am the coolest belle

You have ever had.

Seems you trying to make me mad

And sad huh?

Because i knew what we had is no fad.

Chuckling you continue ‘Baby, whether its the days I become so hot-tempered,

Or the weather gets me feeling so sweaty and acting silly,

Or even when mother nature gets my body on fire, you cool me.’

It’s the little things you say that take my breath away.

You run wild in my mind,

You stay still in my heart.

My soul you share and my body you hold.
I talk to the mighty King about you

My strong thing,

For he knows how much I was down on my knees

Praying that he please

Send love my way 

On one of those fine lonely days

And then on that chilly night

You came my way as my overdue shining knight.

It was love at first sight

Even my mind and heart couldn’t fight.
When I say I love you more

I don’t mean I love you more than you do I.

I mean I love you deep down to your core

Including those flaws you struggle to hide because it makes you feel not so fly.

I mean I’ll love you whether you are rich or poor

For you are the apple of my eye.

I mean I know for sure you’ll be the one to love and keep me high

When all I want to do is to crumble and die.
While the sun sets as we dance to them sweet reggae and blues

Its you I’ll always choose to go down this life’s cruise.

Its you I would run to first to spill any good news

After a hards day work, its you to whom I’ll whip for some hearty home cooked stew.

Its you who would get me excited over our secret romantic rendezvouses.

Its with you that we’ll be making for our friends and family finger licking barbecues.

Its you I want to have breakthroughs with.

Its you, its you, its you.


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