​Certainly there is time for everything.

Time for that child to roll in the mud and a time for it to grow up and take responsibility, usiharakishe miaka yake.

A time to laugh hestirically and a time to cry, don’t hide your emotions.

A time to fight for love and a time to let it go, use what you learnt from the previous relationship – it was not in vain.

A time to give and a time to take, be cheerfull either way.

A time to celebrate and a time to mourn.

A time to flatter and a time to appreciate.

A time to be stressed and a time to be blessed.

A time for you to fall and a time for you to rise.

Time knows no rule, no limit, neither would it stop, go back nor fastforward, take charge of your time.

With it share, bless, treasure, measure, praise, nurture, encourage, meditate, think…


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