I rest my case!

​”Lord, it seems easier to feed the D than appease my P,

For there are days I feel hollow,

My ever giving hands reach only the shallow

And among the vast crowd I feel so solo.

“Unaccomplished, failure, worthless,”

Shouts the devil.

And for a moment am sucked in and he rules my throne

Miss positivity overthrown and outshone. 

But only for a moment.”
I started off with the flat shoes

Thinking I will reach there faster,

But my mind still had no clues.

You see am at the crossroads

For I don’t know the code for decrypting this turmoil that would lead me to triumph.

I know what I want though I know not ways to glue the pieces together.

Day in day out I wake up with the blues,

Which way do I choose?

I switched to the five inch shoes

Hoping that I will reach heaven

And flick the coat of the Almighty for a quick miracle.

But I couldn’t hold my ground.

I stumbled and fell.

Down like a newborn foal being introduced to the force of gravity.




Is all that went through my form.

Knees and ego so far bruised.

My eyes shut to stop the flow of tears,

Feeling helpless, my heart strung words to the only one I fear.
Then did I know peace.

Down on my knees but my heart flying high in the sky like a kite.

My soul risen to another phase.

The journey may not be sweet as milk and honey

But am more determined now more than ever to see it through.
Even though I know

Silver and gold I have none

I give what I have.

My words are like the summer flower

Full of grace, beauty and power.

I will send you chests full of prose, rhymes and verses

Lifting your spirit to the peak.

My love is fathomless and without any face

To feed the hopeless and the fazed is all it desires.

My time so priceless

Is there for anyone who seeks it.

My faith though at times wavering

Is ready to see you through your worst and best.

My pockets may be empty for now

But I send boundless blessings your way.

They may not be much for now but they come from the deepest part of my being.

If you don’t see the value in that

Then off your shelf I fall.

I rest my case!


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