We Rise

​”I’ve known darkness as the back of my hands.

I’ve known pain and sadness as my best friend.

I’ve known loss and fear like a sharp razor ripping my heart apart.

I’ve known sickness knowing the Grimm is coming for this life of mine

But you held on to me like the gum to the shoe

You held my broken pieces from dissipating left, right and centre.

I frankly don’t know what I would have done without you

And for that am truly grateful

For now I know I’ve faith and live by it.

I know its darkest before dawn

But one thing is for sure

Light will fall upon the land and on your lawn.
This is not about me though.

Its for the one who feels like they have no friends just foes.

Its for the one who has many around them but none to hold them in a warm embrace when they are about to freeze rather than thaw.

Its for this beautiful soul, bed ridden and in pain praying fervently for health to be back and get them away from their woes 

Its for the lonely heart dreaming of their one who is not perfect but their perfect rib to drop by and sweep them off their feet.

Its for those who have known loss like the sharp edges of a knife who only want reassurance that they will be okay.

Its for those going through a rough patch, a stagnant phase.

Its for you!
Silver and gold I have none. I give you what I have.

Faith to see you not only this bump on the road but mighty enough to fulfil your most hearts desires.

Hope to act as your light when darkness is all that surrounds and all you can see.

Love, oh love. I send you love so infinite, so strong, so boundless, the only power known

To love you, hold you, soothe, caress and grow you.

To restore your spirit to its rightful throne.

To rejuvenate your glorious strength, abiding health and tireless energy.

I pray. I pray.

You are stronger than you think,

Powerful than the actions you take,

Unlimited, far and beyond

So don’t give up the fight,

You’ll rise like the mighty knight. 


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