One more time

Remember the good old days?

Days we used to sit and just gaze?

Staring deep into your milky bedroom eyes

Getting lost in their vast beauty and mystery

As you were hypnotized by mine.

Your scent infiltrate my blood stream intoxicating my senses. 

Mind reeling, making me dizzy. 

Connection so empowering and addictive. 

All these while the golden sun dipped

Down the ocean’s horizon.

Picture perfect moment

As if straight out of Michelangelo’s paintings.

Remember those days?

Just the thought sends shivers down my spine.

What happened to this love so true and shiny the sun was jealous? 

Not all that glitters is gold huh? 

Prove me that’s a deep fallacy. 
Deep in contemplative thought
Twisting and turning logic.

My eyes searching for answers in the darkness of the night.

Feels like these words, emotions, images will black me out eventually. 

Heart turned black from drowning in tears that flooded it so you won’t see the extent of my pain.

Just a sliver of the moonlight reflected down on my soul to light up my path,

Just the feel of your heat on my skin,

Just the sight of you will reignite these dying embers in me. 

Making my fire burn so hot just one more time

That the moth can do nothing but merge with it

As you to I.
What we have is not controlled by fate

Nor should we let it be ruined by hate.

If that means I lay down my shield for you to look in, so be it!

Nothing to hide.

Showing the queen side in me,

Showing the joker side of me.

I feel a little rush as my heart’s on display.

And I think your heartbeat might  one more time along mine match

Storming this crude weather

Wanting not your joy to leave me

All because you share in my wholeness,

For your love has  helped heal my heart.

No patches, no fissures, no holes.

And despite all you’ll always be the apple of my eye,

The meat in my pie,

The cause of heat in my thigh

And my preferred high.

These cold feet might no longer move if yours are not by their side.

So please take my hand as we retrace our oh so sweet rhythm and groove. 


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