​Stop that!

Stop delving into those lucid draining reveries. 

Look at me,

Even if it means for a moment the load behind your rib cage becomes too heavy for you to bear.

Eyes full of tears flowing so freely like they are rain.

Crumbling onto your feet, a body full of shame and pain.

My hands are more than ready to have and hold your body. 

Yes I know from time to time the scars still singe,

She drowned your heart in acid

And scratched at the newly healed wounds over and over again to remind you who was there. 

Perhaps you had to be broken down

Built on a brand new foundation so that it can hold my love so deep and strong.

Maybe she had to flood your system with toxins of ragging hate for my joy and light to clear the ravishing infection. 

Skin so callused with memories of heated bruises, for my touch to soften and heal.

Mind full of rambled vengeful tenses for my thoughts to comb through and help you rearrange them into the perfect soulful paragraphs. 

Oh! And lips so full and enticing but deep inside charred by words, dark enough to drown the devil, she led you to spit.

Let my lips lock onto yours, perfect antiseptic, speaking tongues in ways that will resuscitate your ‘dead’ soul.

Let  this scab of nostalgia blocking you from feeling my sensual emotions chip off. 

What didn’t kill you better run, 

For you are immune now. 

You are no more a casualty of love. 
No, am no Delilah role-playing in sheep’s clothing.

All I want to do is rub your hair free off past kink and scum.

No, am no digger of any kind. 

All I want from deep inside you is this golden love you hide from the world.

No, am no player of any sort. 

All I want to play and replay are the memories we are about to create. 

No, am not working to be your hero.

I too am a work in progress.

Rather let me be your night nurse

Holding your broken pieces on nights you lack the strength to hold them in place 

Or moments that your fever peaks so high because of one nauseous flashback and my touch is the only thing that cools you. 

Or when you can’t sleep with the lights off because the darkness reminds you of her and my face is all that calms you. 

All I want you to do is give me a chance,

For that once in a lifetime passionate maddening romance,

That gorgeous glamorous glance,

During that dashing dazzling dance, no guilty feet, regaining your rhythm

As you relearn what its like to love again. 


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