Get back up! 

My heart went numb that very moment it felt rejection creeping. Emotions so raw wanted to scream their way out of me… No blood flow through my so cold body, no feel of hope, faith or love…no feeling of life. Heart crushed into pieces so minute that an electron microscope wouldn’t find them; blown away by the wind. Took me 5 days to realise it had to be taken into the I.C.U…rushing there on my knees and asking God to fix it for He is a doctor of all doctors. He smiles and says that he has been waiting for me.

“Can you fix me Father?” He walks over, looks into my eyes and says “You are strong than you know, your forgiveness will patch every bit of your heart till its whole again. But it wouldn’t be the same.” 

So I raise up like a doppelganger, dusting off my hurt and fears. Moving on with renewed hope, faith…and somewhere along the road, eventually love. We fall from time to time but what matters most is that we get back up.


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