​I have searched and seeked that which that I was unsure of outside of me,

I have done that which is not right and demeaning,

I have said words that have discouraged and belittle others,

I have thought that which is unworthy before You,

But You loved me anyway,

Then I searched inside of me and I found You,

Lord of peace- Maker of heaven and earth,

I found wholeness,

You took me into Your mighty hands and washed off all unrighteous,

You erased all my wrong doings from my heart.

Your infinite love has been a blanket of warmth in my time of coldness,

Your patience has seen the redemption of my soul,

Your faith in me has been my light in impregnanted darkness,

Your never-ending blessings have been amazing and abundant to me,

Your undefined forgiveness has been more than a priviledge but honour to me,

Your grace and mercy have been undeserving,

Your faithfulness has been timely,

Your presence in me has been a wonderful experience.

I don’t deserve all these but You still bestowed them unto me,

How great is You,

No human can replace You, oh! Lord,

May all I do be in glorification of Your name.

May I breathe You in and exhale the unwanted.

My heart whispers a humble thank you!


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