Oh That moment

​Oh that moment.

That stolen moment of love.

We relinquished our past painful passions

When your lips touched mine.

Testing mine soft lips

Tasting mine hushed words. 

Kiss so deep and intense with unspoken love,

Sharing slow warm breathes

And sweet sensual sensations.

Swaying to the music of our hearts beating.

Your scent chasing away my fears.

Your tender touch washing away my tears. 

It felt like Valentine’s Day

Better yet, Christmas come early. 
Oh that moment.

That rejuvenated moment your love found the sliver.

That jagged edge crack

That gave under pressure of giving my love away indiscriminately.

Yet this crumpled heart of mine found the strength to dance to yours

As your love slipped in

Filling me up till we rose in unison

Whispering to me in between our lips smacking

That you know I’m hurt

But will help me forget it all. 

Asking me if I’ll give it to you. 

Take my love, take it all.

I don’t want this to only be a dream.

Only locked in my bosom for my own pleasure,

An unshared treasure.
Oh that moment!

That moment that declared

This is no infatuation,

A lustful moment

Or hit-and-run.

This is love passed through the test of fire,

Tried, true and certified,

Symbolised into a ring. 

This is what I’ve been waiting for. 

Love without wax. 

Like Rumi proclaimed, 

“I am the prayer, 

You’re the amen.”


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