In the silence of the night

So I’m all excited to start a new book and I become fully engrossed in it, oblivious of my surroundings. I’m home alone and it’s dark, quiet and a bit chilly. With my hand-made blanket pulled closely upto my chin, I turn one page after another. 

Koontz is really good at tapping into one’s fear and paranoia. At some point I could feel the fear of this Ryan character creeping down into my real life: someone watching me and tapping on our window pane continuously. Or is it that I’m hearing whispering voices? Paralysed with fear at this point, I don’t even want to go get myself something to eat since I am famished, let alone go pee. Worse, the voice at the back of my head whispering in loud tones I might bump into a supernatural soul, adding fear into more fear. 

But pretending to be brave but being weary of any sudden movements, I scurry off to the dimly lit kitchen. While busy warming food I didn’t notice anything peculiar or out of the ordinary like a ghost. Phew! Finally, serving myself heartily after having one too many bites from the heating cooking pot. As I turn to leave, feeling successful about concurring these silly fears, I sense an unwarranted attention and stutter. Looking down at my feet, my grey-and-white furry friend with his tingy golden yellow eyes is staring at me hungrily. Silently, begging for food. I smile but wishing it had rub his body on my leg as it always does making me feel loved. I bend down to pick up his plate and at the corner of my eye I see something in his water bowl. Being all curious as usual, I pick it up. Suddenly, when my mind finally registers what is in the water, I burst into a scream dropping the bowl onto the flow, a splash of water blanketing the cat rushing away to the far end of the kitchen. My heart thumps in my chest so heavily I can feel the beat ringing in my ears: not musical at all. The amphibian flies into the air and settles temporarily five inches from my feet and as if excited by the commotion and attention, starts leaping. So creepy. The cat now more interested in this phenomena than his food comes over and begins tapping at it’s wet skin with his pink paws. Calming a little bit as in comes my brother, from who knows where, to the rescue. The cat sulks as his new jumpy rubbery toy is taken away from him. It was only a thirsty frog jubilant for finding a miraculous ‘oasis’ after a long day in the hot desert like sun. Fear and paranoia can kill I swear. 

“Your heart belongs to me. ” 

“Yes it will be yours Koontz, if you continue taunting me,” I shout to an imaginary figure of the author. I don’t think I should be read this book alone or at night. But it’s awesome nonetheless. At some point I feel like I’m reading poetry; It’s the way words are used playful to describe places, feelings things…. Koontz is one phenomenal thriller writer. My second time reading his works. The first being “Fear nothing.” So as I continue reading this book, I shall fear naught.


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