Return to sender

For a love that won’t go

But instead glow and grow, 

Till the ends of earth I will patiently wait for. 

One that will stand strong,

Hope for long and not go along with the devious minds of the throng 

Rather it stand tall and true by truth. 

If not, return to sender.

If I’m the pyromaniac, 

Burning myself to the core 

This love will cool off my envy, my pride, my boastful nature

While at it slowing down my anger, 

Extinguishing my undying thirst for another soul to trust, 

Igniting a bonfire of hope,  forgiveness and kindness

And protecting me from the heat of fear, lust and doubt. 

If not, please, return to sender.

Heart sighing with jubilation,

My soul joining in the celebration,

Shedding off my inhibitions, 

Neutralizing my frustrations, 

Catalysing my aspirations,

My other source of inspiration,

This love, oh this love.

I know it will not fail me,

Nor will this love derail me.  

If not, return to sender. 


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