Monday crush men

Today before the scorching sun fades into its cocoon

And before the entrance of the shimmery moon.

Before a thought that seems pressing temporarily pushes you off in our thoughts,

Today as the cosmos celebrates you, we join in too. 

We acknowledge you for who you are,

What you say and do, 

For you blood, sweat and tears,

For overcoming your obstacles and fears. 

Yes, we see you. 

We know you are not perfect,

We know you try your best,

We know you toil and sweat for the betterment of ‘us’.

We are in awe of  your strength, your attitude towards us and life, your hard work and the tears you hide in your heart so that you may appear strong. 

Most of the time we take it for granted,

We take you for granted.

Please forgive us for this seeming limitation.

But today and hopefully days to come, we promise to thank you, appreciate you, praise you and raise you.

We love you, oh, we love you,

And can’t put a price on you.

We take this minute to thank Him for you.
What would we be and do without you? 
Our fathers who trim our ‘horns’ and mould our view of life, 

Our brothers who bully and tease us but love us nonetheless,

Our sons to whom are our pride and joy, 

Our friends who add more love, fun and color to our lives,

Our lovers and husbands that got us singing and dancing to “Isanda gi hera omera”,

Our mentors who help shape and raise us,

Our leaders who walk with us,

Dead or alive,

Past, present or future, 

Struggling or thriving, 

We salute you.

We celebrate you.

We applaud you. 

We believe in you. 

We’ll wait on you. 

We love you. 

And we shout thank you, thank you, thank you. 


You are our Monday crush men. 

From all the women in your life, Chante_ze_weirdo™ included. 


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