Drop date

As the rain falls upon you,

Down your forehead

Onto your eyelashes

Tasting your skin, cheeks and lips. 

You think of me.

Reaching out to me,

Teasing and tempting.

Touching my skin,

As I trail my lips down the path the drops took. 

Panting, wanting and needing.

Wanting the feel of my warm embrace engulfing your body. 

Needing my pores to seep love enough to cool your throbbing skin. 

Making you more thirsty for my slow sloppy sensual smooches;

Darting and dipping, 

Drowning in your sexy succulent scent.

Dipping and swooping, 

As you drink more of my sappy enthusiasm,

Flooding your system with hallucinogenic love hormones,

Getting you high as well as feeding you. 

As we dance feverishly, reluctant to give up the day,

Rain drops keep on falling-

Our love weather- freeing up our spirits

Draining away our worries and infiltrating us with joy.

“No more falling for charms of prince ‘Harming’

For I’ve found my prince ‘Charming’ ” my soul retorts. 

This is not a ploy,

But a moment of pride and joy.

Your beating heart,

So sweet as tarts

Is not a testing toy. 

My heart, for you, can’t help but calling,


Knowing I’m  yours for the taking. 

No more murmurs but loud and clear proclamations of love.

The world has got to know, 

Yes it has to know it’s gift is well received. 

No more does this heart beat alone.

But beats along some sweet savory soul!


Chante_ze_weirdo™ ©2017


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