Day 28: Flashback

Have you ever met some to whom you felt so connected to? No fussing if they will like you or not, no butterflies making you restless and no sweaty palms for that matter. You just clicked. Soul mates I presume. Then begins the whirlwind friendship. Endless talking about things that fascinate you two. Passionate debates … More Day 28: Flashback

Day 27: Boxed out

We have been taught that there is someone mighty in control of our life leaving us little to no control. That we are reflectors of life rather than being able to affect it. There is nothing that feels helpless and hopeless than believing that you have no power over your life and circumstances that surround … More Day 27: Boxed out

Day 20: Education

The peaks of being human is that, unlike animals, having five senses and an impeccable mind we need and have a way to express what we feel and think with another. We have this urge to share with the world our love for rhythm and sound. We have this want to share with other people … More Day 20: Education