Get back up! 

1 Corinthians 13:13
Now these three things remain, faith, hope, and love, and the greatest of these is love. … More Get back up! 


We Rise

​”I’ve known darkness as the back of my hands. I’ve known pain and sadness as my best friend. I’ve known loss and fear like a sharp razor ripping my heart apart. I’ve known sickness knowing the Grimm is coming for this life of mine But you held on to me like the gum to the … More We Rise

I rest my case!

​”Lord, it seems easier to feed the D than appease my P, For there are days I feel hollow, My ever giving hands reach only the shallow And among the vast crowd I feel so solo. “Unaccomplished, failure, worthless,” Shouts the devil. And for a moment am sucked in and he rules my throne Miss … More I rest my case!


​Certainly there is time for everything. Time for that child to roll in the mud and a time for it to grow up and take responsibility, usiharakishe miaka yake. A time to laugh hestirically and a time to cry, don’t hide your emotions. A time to fight for love and a time to let it … More Emit|Time


I still remember the first time I read Clementines von Radics’ poem ‘Mouthful of Forevers’. I read it three times and each time goose bumps formed on my forearm till I felt fire rise in me. It was on a still quiet cold night. A time when my mind and heart where going through a … More Unanimity


It has been cold lately here in Kenya and don’t get me wrong, this is definitely my kind of weather but my mood seems to be going hand in hand with it.  I want to blame the dark grey clouds at this point because it seems much easier than pointing to my thoughts as the … More Perception

Day 27: Boxed out

We have been taught that there is someone mighty in control of our life leaving us little to no control. That we are reflectors of life rather than being able to affect it. There is nothing that feels helpless and hopeless than believing that you have no power over your life and circumstances that surround … More Day 27: Boxed out


Grow, Flow, Endow, This is how society expects you to go. Do this, do that, Is what your peers expects of you. What about what I want huh? We are given one mind, Ours for the taking. Stop waiting for people to think for you. For thinking is your greatest power. No one else can … More Free!