Monday crush men

Today before the scorching sun fades into its cocoon And before the entrance of the shimmery moon. Before a thought that seems pressing temporarily pushes you off in our thoughts, Today as the cosmos celebrates you, we join in too. We acknowledge you for who you are, What you say and do, For you blood, … More Monday crush men


​I have searched and seeked that which that I was unsure of outside of me, I have done that which is not right and demeaning, I have said words that have discouraged and belittle others, I have thought that which is unworthy before You, But You loved me anyway, Then I searched inside of me … More Reflections

Forever Yours

  For so long I have hated on this day and the shenanigans that come long with it; the red roses, the chocolate, the red dresses, the huge huggable teddies and the rest of the red what-nots. Protesting on how every day should be valentine’s day. But I got to admit that deep down inside … More Forever Yours


The tears, The fears, The flaws Weaknesses, And hot messes, I tried so hard to hide, This grime side In my mind I thought you’ll see how ugly I can be. But beside me you stand, Reminding me that that’s what makes me beautiful. Loving me like I have never before, Giving me a reason … More Unzipped

Happy Birthday

How can I put it into words, the gratitude that fills my soul? Am blessed beyond measure, the little matters as the much. Purple the color of my mind, finding pleasure in creating not rating or hating. Precious is this gift, but a gift isn’t a gift until it’s acknowledged. You are me, life given … More Happy Birthday